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Every blogger has their captivating story and this one’s mine, so before I start talking about the Food of Mumbai, I need to shed some light on the on-set of my blog. This blog is like the time capsule of how I got here. Everyone close to me knew I devoured food and cherished every bit of it, but the thought of a blog had never really struck me. One fine evening on a family vacation in Singapore last year, after trying a variety of gratifying food I decided to take back some memories back with pictures to treasure in my diary. Untitled Untitled1 After spending hours the next day reading more than a dozen food blogs I thought, for starters I could just share pictures with all the foodies in Mumbai and that’s when I started off with Food of Mumbai on Instagram. For the first four to five months, it was just about sharing pictures of every restaurant I visited and everything that made me go bonkers. Until my first review call from Fransesco Pizzeria. That unbelievable call filled me with excitement and dreams. For hours I was trying to gear up by studying the menu and two days after, I was standing outside their door with a friend stumbling on whether to enter or not. But after getting pulled in by my friend, it was all sunshine and rainbows. The manager was sweet, the atmosphere was very inviting and the place overall was like Paradise. I was served six items to try but the one that made me drop down drooling was their Broffle’s (brownie waffle). Untitled2 The Brutus Pizza Pizza with a sprinkling of Cajun Spices topped with a fresh salad of mixed Lettuce, Olive, Breadcrumbs, Parmesan Cheese & Caesar Dressing. Untitled3 Broffle A fantastic combination of Brownie & Waffle served with Vanilla Ice cream & a Mascarpone cream. After my first review I was hoping for another call for days but it only happened after a month when I got a call from Fat is Flavour, a home based baker. He sent out four desserts for me review and to be honest, I fell in love with every single one of them. My personal favorite though was The chocolate soil pot. I’m not much of a chocolate lover myself but that one just blew my mind! Untitled4 After my Fat is Flavour review, I was praying for another review call but on the other hand I was also contented with the fact that I got to taste all of that food on a silver platter to write about them. The one thing I always wanted to do! My next review call was about two weeks later from Boveda. Boveda is one of the best places to spend a Saturday night. Just being there lights me up! It’s a classy place with a variety of marvelous food and an amazing beer collection. My review there was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. I was served about four starter and three main course dishes of different cuisines. Each one of them being different than the other. It was a wonderful mix of flavors. Untitled5 Untitled6 The one dish that I couldn’t get my hands off was barbecue pork sausage. Cooked perfectly with heavenly taste, that irresistible dish just swiped off the floor beneath me. After my review at Boveda, the mails and calls never stopped. Now that y’all know a little bit about me, here’s the deal! This blog to me is not my way of gloating about my fairytale, it’s about sharing my experiences with everyone that share a common interest with me, which is THE LOVE FOR FOOD. With a friend’s help now, I’m going to be frequently visiting restaurants, trying out new food and sharing my experiences on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. To all those who follow my blog, thank you for appreciating it. If you think you love food as much as I do, think of a name for your blog and start sharing! Any feedback you have about my blog, any requests you have or any queries you want answered about which restaurants to try according to your craving for cuisines and budget, about the FOOD OF MUMBAI, all you need to do is mail me. FOOD OF MUMBAI

Saloni Kukreja and Sumit Chainani



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