Pizza Express

Since you all know a tiny bit about my blog by now, let me share my experiences of one of my recent reviews at the Pizza Express in BKC.

As we all know, every Pizza or fast food joint now has their own cheesy tagline with an agenda to pull the crowd towards them, but Pizza Express is the promise land. The service, the ambience, the place and most of all the food doesn’t require a tagline, it just speaks for itself and rambles the crowd towards their station.


One of the best parts about the restaurant is that unlike the regular Pizza joints that filter most of the college crowd, Pizza Express is always filled with families, working crowd and youngsters. To sum it up, it’s a stew of all. The restaurant looks pretty elegant and the interiors are simply incredible. The service is top notch and this waiter serving our table could tell us exactly how and what their items were made of, which is very rare. The ambience was very calm and soothing, I just didn’t want to leave!


I was invited to review their new summer special menu which, to be honest came to me as quite a surprise but it was also a great privilege indeed.


Their Special summer menu is concise with three pizzas followed by four mocktails with two kinds of pastas and a mini platter.

Usually by the end of my reviews I always have that one dish that I just know I’m going to come back to eat, but this time I’ve got four favorites!

My first personal favorite was the Mango yogurt smoothie!


Cost: Rs.325

The smoothie is a refreshment generator that you just can’t get enough of. After a long day and the unbearable heat, this one’s totally worth its cost and a must try! It is a combination of rich yogurt, fresh juicy mangoes, frozen strawberry and raspberry coulis. It has a good creamy consistency with natural fruit flavors.

The second on my list would be the Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

IMG_3510Cost: Rs.425

A classic pasta dish with just the right amount of garlic and spice. The seasoning of the dish was very well balanced. Portion size of this dish was adequate and gratifying.

I was already overwhelmed after trying the Mango yogurt smoothie and the Spaghetti Aglio e Olio but these two pizza’s just blew my mind! Anyone who plans to put on some weight, do visit Pizza Express. I guarantee you that you will have to be pulled out of there for you to stop eating their food!

The American HottestIMG_8690

Cost: Rs.725

This one was a reminder of why we love pizzas; this divine thin crust pizza consists of two types of cheese and is garnished with buffalo mozzarella. It is a wonderful combination of jalepenos, N’duja sausage, passata and ofcourse, gobs of pepperoni.

Last but not the least was is Pollo Coriander Pesto

IMG_8691Cost: Rs.625

I don’t really fancy the idea of Indian and Italian but this pizza really made me reconsider that. Anyone up for an Indian mix in their Pizza, they have got to try this one. The taste of tender chicken combined with pesto, mozzarella and drizzled with coriander pesto is delightful and the after taste is just heavenly!


I feel that their Special summer menu is a blockbuster but since it’s just a summer menu, the clock is ticking so guys, whenever you visit Pizza Express don’t forget to try their special summer menu, it’s a unique combination of the new and the classic so there is a little something for everyone!


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