Love and Flour

It has been a while since my last blog post but here I am with a new story of another review I was highly privileged to have attended recently.

As we all know, Mumbai is the tomorrow land of desserts, starting from the zillion great home based bakers to The Rolling Pin, La Folie Patisserie, Yauatcha and many more. This one’s about my visit to this home based baker Sarah Patka, who has recently started her own little venture called Love and Flour. Now as per promised, I shall speak my mind so to be honest, at first I wasn’t very excited to try the desserts when invited, but after I got there, the floor just swept off my feet and I pounced on the desserts. FullSizeRender Before I start giving you a list of delightful desserts she has to offer, let me give you a short inside of how she got to where she stands now.

Sarah is a legit chef who’s really good at what she does and started this venture only out of the immense love for desserts. After completing her degree in hospitality from Rijuman Hospitality College, she went straight to interning at Taj and Oberoi. Even though working in those renowned hotels was always a treat for her, she quit shortly after as she was more inclined towards baking.

Freedom is what was awfully lacking so she took her chances. Unemployed for the next two months, with her mother’s support she started delivering all kinds of customized cakes and cupcakes to her family and friends but that wasn’t a dead end, it was just a milestone to the start of a new journey. With the help of her dearest friend and now business partner Nazeeha, She officially launched Love and Flour in the month of January of this year.


Now lets get back to her desserts, Sarah has an ample variety of desserts from but I have my top 4 right here. The top on the list is Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry icing.After tasting these soft and airy cupcakes with rich icing, anyone can be overwhelmed with joy! The best part is, Love and Flour has a massive variety of fruit flavors to choose from.

IMG_9550 Coming to Brownies, the moist Nutella brownie with the precise amount of Nutella and chocolate just took my heart away. I am supposed to be trying out the food but I did end up hogging two of those by the end of the review. IMG_9526 Okay, now this one was my partner’s favorite out of the lot! Being a fan of salted caramel, Love and Flour’s rich and creamy white chocolate and salted caramel chocolates got him happier than he was when he got his latest job. A must try for all you white chocolate lovers! IMG_9498 The next thing we tried was cake pops! I wasn’t very keen on trying them but Sarah insisted I try it as it is one of her finest, I had to and the feelings most certainly did reciprocate. Those moist and soft cake pops with an outer coating of milk chocolate and inside filled with dark chocolate inside are simply heavenly! You’d be missing out on a lot if you don’t try this one. IMG_9755 So guys, any dessert or customized cake you need, all you need to do is

Contact: +91 9930152303

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Saloni Kukreja and Sumit Chainani


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