Filling up the blanks

Before I start with the wonderful stories I bagged and the heavenly food I tried, let’s take a recap of how I got to going for this expedition, as my partner likes to call it. The sole purpose of why we started this blog was to connect to foodies, make them aware about the diversity of delightful food this city has to offer and also answer all their queries.

At the start our partnership, we were very game and excited to experiment with the goldmine of a blog we were running so we kind of went with that conviction and decided to take a break once a month to roam around Mumbai just to experience all that this beautiful city has to offer. This way we could fill up the blanks for our fellow foodies and also fulfill our desire of trying all sorts of food, so it is a win win situation.

Since we had received a query on Instagram as to where one could find low-priced yet appetizing food in South Bombay during that time, we just knew there couldn’t be a better moment to dwell on our idea of the Food expedition so we did just that. We instantly cleared our schedule for the day and kick started our trip at Chowpatty.

Enough of the recap now, Let’s talk food.

7 Budget Friendly places that you can never get enough of!

  1. Sharmajee’s At Chowpatty(Stall Number 22): One of the most famous bhelpuri stalls in South Bombay, whoever thought ELCO was the best, this bhel will change your life. More than 50 years old, it has been running by the 3rd generation in the family. They started by selling Bhelpuri and have now expanded to other types of chat and pavbhaji but their Bhelpuri just takes the heart away, best at taste and at cost. A must try! IMG_8973IMG_8972

Bhelpuri: Rs.30

  1. Shree Krishna Gola: Their stall is more than 60 years old but they say the taste hasn’t chanced even a bit, they started off with Golas and stuck to it. One of the best Golas I’ve tried I must say, their Kala Khatta and Lemon Gola is something I can’t get over till date. I shouldn’t be saying this but most definitely worth catching a cold over. IMG_8983IMG_8984IMG_8990

Kala Khata Gola: Rs.60

  1. Crystal: The Student hub, established in the year 1956 with only one purpose: To overwhelm people with joy with delicious homely food. My Partner’s favorite food joint, he dragged me there and just couldn’t stop talking about it. Their menu that currently exists has been maintained for 25 years, which is literally a first of what I’ve heard. My favorites from their evergreen menu are:  IMG_9012

Dal Makhani: Rs.60 FullSizeRender-1

Rajma: Rs.70 FullSizeRender

Kheer: Rs.40

  1. Bachelorrs’: We all believe in the quote ‘Old is gold’ right? Indeed it is, they started off in the year 1930 by selling fruit plates for Rs20 and expanded to having few of the best Milkshakes, Juices and Sandwiches in Mumbai.

Most famous item on the menu so far is the thick and creamy Chocolate Milkshake. IMG_8959

Two Items that we recommend are: IMG_8968

Mango Milkshake: Rs.189 IMG_8960

Chocolate Milkshake: Rs.162

  1. K Rustoms: It began in the year 1954 and are famous for their wide variety of ice-creams with the iconic crunchy wafer biscuit they are served with. A perfect place to visit to have a great end to your meal. My picks out of the lot are: IMG_9024

Choco cherry: Rs.50

IMG_9034Mango: Rs.70

  1. Ayubs: I’m not going to describe this one because their Kabab just speaks for itself. Down from their mushroom kabab to their mutton kabab, all of it is just flawless. Perfectly balanced luscious and juicy Kababs. If you haven’t tried this you’re definitely missing out on life! IMG_9038

IMG_9040 Mutton sheek kebab: Rs.180IMG_9044

Chicken sheek kabab: Rs.120

  1. Ashok Juice Centre: Last but not the least, their juice is simply magical! Once you try it, I guarantee you’re going to visit them the next day again. Apart from their juice, the two guys that serve you these heavenly juices are forever smiling. Ashok juice center was established before independence and are still intact with the same prices which is quite impressive, right? IMG_9051

IMG_9049 Watermelon: Rs.20

Food of Mumbai

Sumit Chainani and Saloni Kukreja

Email: Foodofmumbai@gmailcom


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