Quench Those Spice Cravings With A Hearty Pan-Asian Meal

Being the largest and most populated of all continents, Asia is home to a wide range of cultures, each finding expression through their food and blend of spices. Pan-Asian, as a cuisine, is all about experimenting with ingredients, playing with flavors and creating dishes, which reflect these distinct Asian cultures.

I still remember the first time I ate a Miso Ramen at this petite Japanese restaurant in Bandra. We had to climb a small flight of stairs to get inside the mall and reach the restaurant. Despite the low-key passage to the restaurant, the place had a very homely feel, furnished with traditional Japanese tables and a sushi bar. As we sat on one of those traditional low tables, we watched the sushi chef showcase his skills, in awe. After I studied the menu in and out, and also Googled each and every word I didn’t understand, I was ready to place my order!

For the first time, I had the opportunity to order a truly authentic Japanese dish – the Miso Ramen with pork. After twenty minutes of eager waiting, our food finally arrived. The crockery was aesthetically designed with subtle blue and white patterns, and held a generous quantity of ramen. The dish consisted of wholesome ramen noodles topped with a pork Miso broth, juicy chunks of pork meat, some spring veggies and delicate slices of red radish. I dug in right away. The Miso broth was packed with flavor and was balanced perfectly by the thin and delicate ramen noodles while the veggies and the red radish added an extra crunch to the entire dish.

The next course was dessert – something no matter how full I am, I always make space for! We ordered the Mochi Ice Cream. The dish consisted of two round pieces of Mochi Ice Cream wrapped in a coloured rice cake batter – one with a classic vanilla stuffing and the other, with a mango stuffing. The dessert was accompanied by a red bean paste, which gave the creamy and fresh dessert a whole new dimension. I can very confidently say that my experience at Kofuku was nothing short of remarkable, and was truly an amazing #Foodventure.

Here are a few of the must try Pan-Asian dishes in Mumbai:

  1. Duck in Hoisin sauce with five spice

Where: The Fatty Bao, Bandra

The Fatty Bao is a bustling eatery tucked away in the quaint lanes of Bandra. The duck in hoisin sauce is a pan-fried sweet bread bao stuffed with glazed minced duck. This goes best coupled with Fatty Bao’s hot and spicy chilli oil.


  1. Chiang mai train station noodles

Where: Mamagoto, Fort

Mamagoto, an Asian fusion restaurant plays with flavors to bring impeccable food to the table. The Chiang mai noodle bowl is their take on a traditional khow swey- with a vibrant coconut based flavor; the noodle soup also has elements of spice in it.


  1. Soft-shell crab buns

Where: Pa Pa Ya, Lower Parel

Pa Pa Ya, the Asian gastronomy restaurant and bar, loves experimenting with tastes and textures, be it in their food, cocktails or desserts. Their in-house bread bun is one of the best we’ve had. The soft-shell appetizing crab fits hand in hand with this beautifully baked bun and gives elements of contrasting texture in the best way possible.

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Soft shell crab buns at Pa Pa Ya #newlyopened A single word to describe the atmosphere at Papaya? Energetic. When one uses the term ‘high energy dining’, they are relating to the kind of vibe you get at the newly opened Pa Pa Ya by Zorawar Kalra. Greeted by a buzzing bar with a variety of cocktails that are going around such as the Vodka based ST Collins and the to highlight its Asian concept, the Lighthouse which features flavors like lemongrass, ginger and lime, and bar tenders that keep you engrossed with the enigmatic drinks you know you’re in for a lively evening. The metal three-dimensional pentagons, which are spread across the L-shaped interior, walk you into another little world altogether. With an interesting menu that makes personal favorites like the soft shell crab more enjoyable in a squid ink bun, succulent pork belly skewers; glazed and chargrilled with sichimi, mirin and soya served on quirky tableware and a massive tower of sushi, the place seems to hold promise. Chef Sahil Singh has announced himself in ways more than one. It also indulges in the vegetarians with an absolutely delicious chickpea bao and the lotus root with a glaze that we now dream of and the shiitake and burrata croquettes made way to home too. The Palledium mall now has another feather in the form of a Pan-Asian restaurant that serves cuisine from Japan to Vietnam to add to its hat. Make your way to the 3rd floor of the Palladium Mall, Lower Parel to experience a dining experience that will neatly tuck itself into your memories. #food #instafood #foodgasm #foodporn #mumbai #mumbaifood #instamumbai #mymumbai #mumbaidiaries #everydaymumbai #papaya #crabbuns #MumbaiFoodie

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  1. Hickory Smoked Wings

Where: The Bao Haus Co, Colaba (Takeaway only)

A tiny, only-delivery restaurant in the busy streets of Colaba, offers a quirky range of foods, which can be your go-to meal at any time of the day. These hickory wings are smoked to perfection. With a well-balanced undertone of hickory, this won’t let you stop licking your fingers.


  1. Haemul Jeongol

Where: Heng Bok, Bandra

Located amongst the traffic filled streets of Bandra, this unobtrusive restaurant strives to deliver Korean cuisine in its most authentic form. Whether yearning for the taste of something new, or just for a hearty meal, the Heamul Jeongol is the dish to eat. A seafood hotpot of crab, prawn and a variety of fish submerged in a warm flavorful broth will not only satisfy your hunger pangs, but will also ensure that you come back for more.


  1. Mochi Icecream

Where: Kofuku, Khar

Kofuku is a super cozy Japanese restaurant in Khar, which gives one the ultimate authentic Japanese experience. Their ice cream, wrapped sweet mochi rice cake paper served with red-bean paste is a delight in taste and its unique texture. It isn’t too sweet and serves as the perfectly subtle end to an equally satisfying meal.



  1. Carrot Cake

Where: Hakkasan, Bandra

Hakkasan is one of the finest of the fine dining Pan-Asian restaurants in Mumbai. The carrot cake is a beautifully plated stack of fried carrot cakes, topped with fried bits of garlic and chilli, which serve as the perfect balance to the subtle sweetness of the cakes.


My interest in Pan-Asian cuisine was aroused after watching Michelin Star chef Vikas Khanna, and the ultimate food connoisseur Vir Sanghvi speak about their favorite delicacies. Explore the infinite experiences of these delicacies and take your palate on a flavorful adventure. Let these dishes inspire you to embark on your own #Foodventure! To know more about Pan-Asian cuisine, watch Vikas Khanna and Vir Sanghvi, as they take you on a #Foodventure. Visit http://foodventures.diningdelights.in/ by Axis Bank Dining Delights.




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