#EnjoyLikeYouShould With Sensodyne – Here’s All About Our Unique Food Walk

As food bloggers we try out different types of food almost everyday – food with different textures, forms and sensations, be it Kulfi with nitrogen ice, pani puri from the street, piping hot cutting chai or roasted corn during the quintessential Mumbai monsoons.

Recently the toothpaste giant Sensodyne, in partnership with So Mumbai, contacted us and laid out an exciting ‘food walk’ concept before us – a walk intended on bringing forth the issue of tooth sensitivity. We could’ve never imagined not savoring the food we eat, to the fullest. We were completely unaware about the people who were facing the issue of tooth sensitivity.

This food walk aimed at making people who previously suffered from sensitive teeth, enjoy their favourite dishes exactly how they should be eaten and basically, #EnjoyLikeYouShould! Needless to say, we were captivated.

We essentially explored the Food Hub of Mumbai – South Bombay, by hopping from one place to another to try out different types of food.

We accompanied a group of delightful people who suffered from tooth sensitivity and had been using Sensodyne for a number of months. Now they could finally relish all the food and drinks they always loved but couldn’t indulge in earlier!

We were extremely excited to visit the iconic eateries of South Mumbai and indulge in some of the best dishes the city of Mumbai has to offer.

Read on to know exactly how our food walk went about!

Lè 15 Café

We started out at the all-new adorable café, Lè 15 Café located in the heart of Colaba. We were served one of the many delectable beverages – a piping hot cup of Hot Chocolate, which we couldn’t wait to try it out! Everyone devoured the steaming, chocolaty beverage and the best part of it was that those who suffered from tooth sensitivity happily enjoyed their luscious hot chocolate drink without any discomfort!

Restored and contented, we bid adieu to the warmth of Lè 15 Café and ventured out onto the streets of South Mumbai, making our way towards the second stop of the food walk located at the famous Marine Drive.


An iconic ice-cream parlor, which has been in existence since 1984 with a beautiful sea face view at Marine Drive, Naturals was the next destination. We were seated in their bright and comfortable seating area while different flavors of ice creams like Watermelon, Chocolate Chip, Muskmelon, Fig and Custard Apple were brought to the table.

A variety of flavors ranging from fresh fruit flavors, to chocolate, to dry fruits thoroughly satisfied our mid-morning indulgence.

Dipping their spoons into the creamy, chilled ice cream, the happy users of Sensodyne dug into the frosty ice cream immediately, without a worry in their head about any tooth sensitivity! Thoroughly satiated, we then made our way to the last and final stop – Indigo Deli.

Indigo Deli

Our next and last stop was the elegant and beloved Indigo Deli! Eagerly expecting something spectacular here as well, we made our way up the steep climb to Indigo Deli’s lunch area!

Here, we were served tall glassfuls of Indigo Deli’s classic mocktail – Mint Leaves Soda which was rejuvenating and refreshing; this drink was served ice-cold with fresh mint leaves and soda. What would have otherwise caused anxiety for those with tooth sensitivity here showed no such signs. They all gulped down their mocktail within seconds, without the fear of any sensitivity in their teeth.   

This was a one-of-a-kind food walk, which we have never done before. It was really great to be a part of and it was lovely to see the tooth sensitivity sufferers now savor their favorite dishes. We visited a lot of places, which gave us a sense of nostalgia. It was great to discover these delightful places with our fellow food bloggers and relive all the food memories!

Watch this video and catch a sneak peek of our food walk : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCnMQw-rgb0

So Mumbai is the official Instagram account for the Mumbai Chapter of So City (http://www.so.city). Currently live for Delhi NCR and coming soon to your city! You can download the app on http://www.so.city/app


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