Inox Muchos x XXX:Return of Xander Cage

We recently visited the Inox at Malad for the apparent blockbuster XXX: Return of Xander Cage. As disappointing as the movie was, we were glad we chose Inox both for the movie experience and of course the munchies. The Inox brand has recently launched a whole new range of their snack packs, which is being sold not only at the theatres but 3000 retail outlets as well.


There is a variety of fun popcorn flavours to choose from like Pineapple +Chilli, Cheese + Pepper and our absolute favourite toffee won caramel (we finished more than half the pack before the movie even started). The Inox brand has also launched Nacho packs with dips and Kettle Cooked Chips.


Disbarring the disappointing movie, we had a great movie experience at Inox & the snacks made up for all the disappointment and the best part was we picked up some of the snack packs back to enjoy them at home and have our own movie experience.


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