Cooking experiences with Siemens

Siemens has always been a household brand for me, especially the baking equipment they offer I’ve grown up testing batches of cookies, cupcakes and tarts using Siemens oven. I recently got the opportunity to visit the Siemens experience centre at Andheri East where we got to use their range of hobs, ovens and steam ovens hands on.



This beautifully set up space showcases different models of Siemens hobs, hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens. The reason for setting up the experience centre is because they want every customer to experience the products before they make their final purchase decision. It also greatly helps in terms of giving one an idea of the space requirement for a varied range of products. We got to experience the entire set up hands on by using these premium luxury products to cook everyday food with absolute convenience. The first thing we made were batches of cookies in the Siemens sleek designed ovens. The best part was that after we baked them we could cool them of using the telescopic ray’s technology that the Siemens oven provides.



We then moved on to the domino hob with a Deep Fryer, a Barbeque Grill and the Teppan Yaki each taking up only 30 cms of space! We fried some vegetable pakoras in the deep fryer whose temperature is super easy to control. The oil in the fryer is well intact in the hob space and prevents spillage.



We then barbequed some chicken on the Barbeque Hob with lava stones that are super easy to remove and wash




One thing that impressed me the most was the Teppan Yaki which is a silver platter attached to the hob it can perform all the functions like cooking veggies, making a caramel sauce, melting cheese and is super easy to clean.




We then used the super convenient steam oven where you can literally steam anything from eggs to rice to idilis to dhokla


The overall experience with Siemens was an extremely helpful one as it gave us great insight into what the brand is about and what the offerings are.


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